Misdemeanor Defense

South Florida Misdemeanor Defense Attorney – Defending Your Rights!Misdemeanor Defense Attorney Guarantee of Excellence

Take a breath and feel better; you have now taken your first step towards protecting yourself.  The Law Offices of W.G. Koreman has been successfully defending residents in South Florida for over 30 years.  We’re experienced misdemeanor defense lawyers that truly understand the South Florida courts.  Whether you’re dealing with a multiple misdemeanors or singular misdemeanor offense, Bill Koreman’s Ft. Lauderdale misdemeanor defense attorneys are committed to providing you the best possible defense.  As such, we offer our clients a Guarantee of Excellence.

If you have been accused of a misdemeanor offense in South Florida, you should immediately speak with a misdemeanor defense lawyer.  A Ft. Lauderdale misdemeanor defense attorney, such as Bill Koreman, can possibly reduce/remove fines, reduce/remove jail time, have your charges dismissed, have your recorded sealed/expunged and even have you found not guilty of the crime.  Complete our free consultation form and one of our friendly staff will contact you shortly about your situation.

Or call us directly at (954) 483-4989 and discuss your situation with one of our attorneys for free.  One of our experienced South Florida misdemeanor defense lawyers are happy to assist you.